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Civil War

At CLVM, our mission is to create a lasting legacy of the selflessness, honor, and sacrifice of those who served our nation. Our Memorial is dedicated to preserving their stories, memories, and experiences for future generations to reflect upon. We hope that our efforts will serve as a reminder of the sacrifices made by these brave veterans and inspire us all to work towards a better future for our country.

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Robert Cahow


John Nelson Hoff

John Nelson Hoff was born in Norway and came to America in his youth. He was related to the Curtis family who live or have lived north of Reeve, WI. The information below was taken from the State Historical Society of Wisconsin. Please note that “Nelson” was his middle name.

–Contributed by: The Curtis Family & Doug Cahow

Worthy Prentice

Worthy Prentice enlisted from Osceola with Co B, Second Wisconsin Cavalry Volunteers and served with this outfit during the Civil War until the close of the war. He was sworn in at Lacrosse. He was mustered out of the service at Austin Texas, by the governor of Wisconsin. His military rank has not been determined at this time. This information was taken from newspapers articles giving tribute to his services in Polk Co at various community celebrations. Polk Co Seat also has considerable information on his life history.

–Contributed by: Orval Wood.


We hope to provide more information about Mr. Prentice’s life in the future.

Civil War Veterans Buried in Clear Lake Cemetery*

Civil War Veterans with Clear Lake Ties Buried in Local Cemeteries

Civil War Ties to Clear Lake Area**

1885 post office addresses of Civil War Veterans with ties to the Clear Lake area:


  • Alden Township: 8 Veterans

  • Black Brook Township: 11 Veterans

  • Clayton: 19 Veterans

  • Clear Lake: 56 Veterans

  • Deer Park: 2 Veterans

  • East Lincoln: 3 Veterans

  • North Reeve: 1 Veteran

Other Civil War Veterans with ties to Clear Lake**


*Weathering of many grave markers makes reading names difficult. On a few headstones, names are nearly obscure. For  a few  graves, there are no markers. In that case, only Clear Lake Cemetery records verify the existence of a buried Civil War Veteran. It is possible, other Civil War Veterans are buried in Clear Lake and surrounding cemeteries. Please help us find and identify them.

**As of now, research is uncertain of their Cemetery location.

If you have any corrections, contact Douglas Cahow.


All information was researched by Donald Weber, Douglas and Virginia Cahow – Copyright 2011-2018

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